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Pyro Safety – Please read this!
This is an article that is being reposted with permission from Passfire. Whether you’re new to pyrotechnics or a seasoned veteran, this article is an outstanding resource, and should be read by all.
Special thanks to Kyle Kepely for allowing us to use this content. Should you desire to learn even more about how fireworks are made, we are happy to refer you to Kyle’s site:

State of Michigan Fireworks Law
You can read and download the law concerning and pertaining to the use of consumer fireworks in the state of Michigan here.

ATF “Orange” Book information
The BATF Orange book is the U.S. governments Federal Explosives Law and Regulation document.  The use, storage, licensing, requirements and all pertinent guidelines concerning the use of display (1.3g) fireworks.

Want your type 54 permit? Here’s the link
In order to purchase and discharge display fireworks, the user must hold a valid BATF permit.  There are various types of permits, but the most common and frequently obtained is the type 54.  Learn more about what you can and can’t do once you get licensed.

The basics: How fireworks work
Fireworks have a way of capturing everyone’s attention and hearts.  If you have ever wondered how they’re made, what they look like, the equipment used to shoot professional displays, we have some information that will get you started right here.