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MPAG Links

Websites you may find useful or helpful:

Consumer related

Big Fireworks - Retailer of consumer fireworks, Lansing, MI
Captain Boom Fireworks - Captain Boom specializes in wedding fireworks and other fireworks displays, Otsego, MI
Dynamite Fireworks - Uncle Sam's Dynamite Fireworks is located in Northwest Indiana and offers retail and wholesale Class C fireworks

Jake's Fireworks - Wholesale and Retail fireworks serving Michigan with stores in Kentwood, Muskegon, and Auburn Hills
Miller Fireworks - Miller Fireworks Inc. specializes in retail and wholesale business from Northwest Ohio (the Toledo area)
Motor City Fireworks - Motor City Fireworks sells consumer fireworks and offers case sales as well

Sparky's Fireworks Outlet  - High quality consumer and Pro-AM/Special Effect fireworks and equipment.  Catering to consumers, hobbyists and professionals.  Discounts offered!
U.S. Fireworks - The closest fireworks store to Chicago. More than 40 years in business.
Victory Fireworks Inc. - Victory Fireworks is a wholesaler of consumer fireworks based in Ellsworth, WI

Display related

Ace Pyro - ACE Pyro provides high-quality fireworks displays for many cities, townships, and private organizations
American  Fireworks - Family owned since 1902, American Fireworks sells consumer products, offers wholesale pricing and also provides display firework shows.
Great Lakes Fireworks - Great Lakes Fireworks has been providing professional firework displays throughout Michigan since 1994
Lynch Imports - High Quality, Professional Grade Fireworks Brought To You By The Lynch Family
RKM Fireworks - Specializing in Fireworks displays in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio
Wolverine Fireworks - Wolverine Fireworks Display, Inc. is a direct importer, wholesaler, and display fireworks company located in central Michigan

Everything else

American Pyrotechnics Association - American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) is the voice of the fireworks industry promoting safety in the design & use of all types of legal fireworks
American Pyrotechnic Standard 87-1 - Information for manufacturing, testing, shipping, and labeling the products of the fireworks industry - Information for the fireworks enthusiast.  Geared toward answering
"How Are Fireworks Made?" "Can I Learn to Make My Own Fireworks?"

Michigan Fireworks - A single source which lists most (if not all) public firework displays in Michigan

National Fireworks Association - The mission of the NFA is to work diligently to ensure that the Fireworks Industry is regulated in a fair and sensible manner

National Fire Protection Association - The authority on fire, electrical and building safety

Michigan Firework sale permit database - MI department of licensing and regulatory affairs (LARA)
Passfire - is an online community for the modern amateur pyrotechnic artist
Application for Fireworks Display Permit - Michigan government form required for display firework show permit.